Jerry Markham has authored and co-authored over a dozen books on financial services. His three-volume Financial History of the United States was selected as a Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title for 2002. Professor Markham’s most recent books cover the Enron era scandals, the subprime crisis and its antecedents.

Professor Markham is the author of a two-volume treatise on derivative trading practices. He has co-authored a two-volume treatise on broker-dealer regulation. His history of the futures markets was cited with approval by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Professor Markham has also published over sixty articles in law reviews and professional publications on a broad range of issues in financial services, including: hedge funds, manipulation, margin, clearing firm responsibilities, trading practices, and other derivative related issues. A detailed description of those books appears below.


Regulation of Derivative Financial Instruments (Swaps, Options and Futures)
West Academic (2014)
Ronald H. Filler & Jerry W. Markham

Research Handbook On Securities Regulation In The United States
(co-editor with Rigers Gjyshi, Elgar Press (2014).

Law Enforcement and the History of Financial Market Manipulation

A Financial History of the United States

From Enron Era Scandals to the Subprime Crisis (2004-2006),N.Y., M.E. Sharpe.
A Financial History of the United States
From the Subprime Crisis to the Great Recession (2006-2009), N.Y., M.E. Sharpe.
A Financial History of Modern U.S. Corporate Scandals
From Enron to Reform, M.E. Sharpe 2005.

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13 & 13A Commodities Regulation
Manipulation & Other Claims
West Group
Two volumes
(updated annually)

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Broker Dealer Operations Under Securities and Commodities Law
23 & 23A
Financial Responsibilities, Credit Regulation, and Customer Protection, West Group, 2002, Two Volumes (Second Edition with T. Hazen) (updated annually)

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Reparations Proceedings Before the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Ch. 3 in Alternate Dispute Resolution in the Futures Industry (2013).

The Gavel Has Fallen: The Demise of Exchange Trading Floors and the Growth of ECNs, Ch. 12 in Handbook of Research on Stock Market Globalization (with D. Harty, 2012).

Regulating Credit Default Swaps in the Wake of the Subprime Crisis, Chapter 9 in International Monetary Fund, Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law: Restoring Financial Stability – Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Volume 6 (2012).

The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Political & Legal History (2012) (various entries).

Major Acts of Congress, N.Y. Macmillan Reference
entries for Social Security, Commodity Exchange Act and Gold Act

Securities Regulation, London
co-editor and author of chapters 8 and 10

Futures Trading Law and Regulation
London, 1993
author of chapter 10

Swaps and Off-Exchange Derivatives Trading: Law and Regulation
London, 1996
author of chapter 11

Studies of Chinese And Foreign Securities Law And Futures Trading Law and Case Analysis
Beijing, China, 1997

I. A Financial History of the United States, From Christopher Columbus to the Robber Barons (1492-1900), N.Y., M.E. Sharpe, 2002.

II. A Financial History of the United States, From J.P. Morgan to the Institutional Investors (1900-1970), N.Y., M.E. Sharpe, 2002.

III. A Financial History of the Unite States, From the Age of Derivatives into the New Millennium (1970-2001), N.Y., M.E. Sharpe, 2002.

A Financial History of the United States, From Enron Era Scandals to the Subprime Crisis (2004-2006), N.Y., M.E. Sharpe 2011.

A Financial History of the United States, From the Subprime Crisis to the Great Recession (2006-2009), N.Y., M.E. Sharpe 2011.

Corporate Finance: Debt, Equity, and Derivative Markets and Their Intermediaries, West Group, 2011 (1st- 3d editions with T. Hazen & J. Gabilondo).

Corporations and Other Business Organizations, Cases and Materials,West Group, 2016 (1st-3d abridged and unabridged editions with T. Hazen and 4th unabridged edition with T. Hazen and J. Coyle).

Mergers and Acquisitions, Cases and Materials, West Group, 2003, (with T. Hazen).

Regulation of Banking Financial Service Activities, Cases and Materials, Minn., West Group, 2011 (1st-4th editions with L. Broome).

The History of Commodity Futures Trading and Its Regulation, N.Y., Praeger Press, 1986.

Regulating the U.S. Treasury Market, 100 Marq. L. Rev. — (forthcoming 2017).

Regulating the Moneychangers, 18 U. Pa. J. Bus. L. 789 (2016).

The Capital Issues Committee—The First SEC? Financial History Magazine of the Museum of American Finance (Summer 2016).

Regulation of Commodity Futures and Exchange Traded Options, Bloomberg/BNA Securities Practice Portfolio Series No. 264 (2015).

The Flash Crash Case Against Sarao—Will the CFTC Prevail? 35 Fut. & Derv.   L. Rep. 12 (2015) (with R. Filler). 

The Financial Stability Oversight Council—Risk Manager or Debating Society? 33 J. Fin. Trans. 3 (Dec. 2011).

High Speed Trading on Stock and Commodity Markets From Courier Pigeons to Computers, 52 San Diego L. Rev. (2015).

Regulation of Swap and Other Over-The-Counter Derivative Contracts, Bloomberg/BNA Securities Practice Portfolio Series (2014).

Custodial Requirements for Customer Funds, 8 Brook. J. Corp. Fin. & Comm. L. 92 (2013).

Was Fur Spricht (SEC v. Goldman Sachs), Fin. Times (Germany), April 22, 2010 at 24.

Glass Steagall vs. Gramm-Leach-Bliley—A Test Match for the Bankers. – U. Penn. L. & Bus. J. – (2010).

SEC v. Goldman Sachs & Co.—Serious Fraud or Just More Banker Bashing, 30 Fut. & Derv. L. Rep. 8 (2010). Merging the SEC and CFTC—A Clash of Cultures, 78 U. Cinn. L. Rev. 537 (2009).

The Subprime Crisis—Some thoughts on a “Sustainable” and “Organic” Regulatory System, 4 F.I.U. L. Rev. 381 (2009).

For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Demise of Exchange Trading Floors and the Growth of ECNs, 33 J. Corp. L. 865 (2008) (with D. Harty).

Excessive Executive Compensation—Why Bother? 2 Maryland Journal of Business and Technology Law 1001 (2008).

Mutual Fund Scandals—A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Corporate Governance in the Regulation of Collective Investments, 3 Hastings Business Law Journal 67 (2006).

Clearing Firm Liability for the Acts of Introducing Brokers, 24 Futures and Derivatives Law Report 1 (2005).

The California Energy CrisisEnron’s Gaming of Governor Gray’s Imperfect Market, 24 Futures and Derivatives Law Report 1 (2004) (with L. Hunt Jr.).

Market Manipulation—From Star Chamber to Lone Star, 23 Futures and Derivatives Law Report 7 (2003) (with L. Hunt Jr. & M. Sackheim).

Accountants Make Miserable Policeman: Rethinking the Federal Securities Laws, 28 North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation 725 (2003).

Super-Regulator: A Comparative Analysis of Securities and Derivatives Regulation in the United States, Great Britain & Japan, 28 Brooklyn J. Intl. Law 319 (2003).

Privatizing Social Security, 38 San Diego L. Rev. 747 (2001).

Banking and Insurance: Before and After the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, 25 J. Corp. L. 723 (2000) (with L. Broome).

Banking Regulation: Its History and Future, 4 N.C. Banking Institute 221 (2000). The CFTC Net Capital Rule — Should a More Risk-Based Approach be Adopted, 71 Chicago-Kent L. Rev. 1091 (1996).

Guarding the Kraal — On the Trail of the Rogue Trader, 21 J. Corp. L. 131 (1995).

Protecting the Institutional Investor — Jungle Predator or Shorn Lamb? 12 Yale J. on Reg. 345 (1995), reprinted, 1996 Securities L. Rev. 633. The North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation and International Course Offerings, 73 N.C.L. Rev. 805 (1995).

“Confederate Bonds,” General Custer,” and the Regulation of Derivative Financial Instruments, 25 Seton Hall Law Review 1 (1994).

United States: Continuing Education in the Commodity Futures and Securities Industries — The Ethical Nineties, 1994 Fut. & Derv. L. Rev. 1 (London 1994) (with K. Schobel).

CFTC Rules to Provide Legal Certainty for OTC Products, Futures Industry Magazine, Nov/Dec., 1992, at 20 (with W. Maitland).

Fiduciary Duties Under the Commodity Exchange Act, 68 Notre Dame Law Review 199 (1992).

Commodity Exchanges and the Privatization of the Agricultural Sector in the Commonwealth of Independent States — Needed Steps in Creating a Market Economy, 55 Law and Contemporary Problems 119-155 (1992) (with A. Belozertsev in Moscow).

The Commodity Exchange Monopoly — Reform is Needed, 48 Washington and Lee Law Review 977-1036 (1991).

Federal Regulation of Margin in the Commodity Futures Industry History and Theory, 64 Temple Law Review 59-143 (1991).

The Manipulation of Commodity Futures Prices The Unprosecutable Crime, 8 Yale Journal on Regulation 281-389 (l99l).

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The Transnor Decision And Its Aftermath, 8 Oil and Gas Law and Taxation Review 7683, Oxford, England (l990) (with E. Bettelheim).

Regulation of Hybrid Instruments Under the Commodity Exchange Act Alternatives Are Needed, 1990 Columbia Business Law Review 159 (l990).

The Stock Market Crash of 1987 The United States Looks at New Recommendations, 76 Georgetown Law Journal 19932043 (1988) (with R. Stephanz).

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“FrontRunning” Insider Trading Under the Commodity Exchange Act, 38 Catholic University Law Review 69128 (1988).

The Application of West German Statutes to United States Commodity Futures Contracts: An Unnecessary Clash of Policies, 19 Georgetown Journal of Law and Policy In International Business 273324 (1987) (with William P. Rogers).

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Cited in some 600 law review articles

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